What does a Wedding Shoot package include?

Typically, a wedding shoot package includes processed photographs, Wedding Teaser, a wedding film and prints (albums)

What is a cinematic wedding video?

A wedding story told in an engaging manner is a cinematic wedding video. The story is brought alive through observing and capturing interesting moments and interactions in a manner that takes care of framing, composition and light. All this is then edited with a whole lot of care and love. A Cinematic Film is a short film of 5-10 mins duration. It basically gives a synopsis of all the events from the wedding within a single, concise video. Along with it, we also provide a highlights-teaser of about 45 seconds in duration. With special effects and montages, we give you a complete package in a tiny bit!

What should be included in a wedding video?

Simple, your story!

How long should wedding videos be?

Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Our suggested length always depends on the scope of coverage of the wedding & then understanding what exactly happened at the wedding. The amount of ‘heart’ at the wedding eventually determines its length.

What is a wedding teaser?

We define it as a short video, to get you excited for the screening of your wedding film!

How many photos do you get from a wedding photographer?

Again, this is unique to every photographer’s personal take on wedding photography. There are some who shoot for volume, and some who shoot very restrictively. We deliver between 500-1000 images a day depending on the size & scope of the wedding.

Are you willing to travel for weddings and other assignments?

Yes, we love to travel. We have shot across India.

Do you do traditional videography and/or stage photography?

We have team members who specialise in traditional photo & video requirements.

Can we go for only photography or only videography Or do we have to take both?

While shooting for any event, the photo and video team should have good coordination as it results better. Although we prefer handling both together, we are comfortable taking up either as per client's requirement.

Who picks up the music for the film?

We are particular about the music selection and our choices are based on the ones that sync perfectly with the acquired footage. While we shortlist our selection, we’re always open to the client’s suggestions on what music they want to be in the final film.

If we want a soft Copy of our wedding (RAW Data), are there any additional charges?

No. We do not charge for a soft copy. You’re welcome!

How long will I have to wait for my wedding film?

Once we start editing, people who book first will be able to get their wedding film within 3 weeks from their wedding.

What are your payment terms?

We take 75% of the total booking amount as advance payment, and 25 % after the shoot. (to be paid within 2 weeks)

Any other hidden costs?

The expenses for travel and accommodation will be borne by the client. So, no ‘hidden’ cost.

Do you do other assignments apart from weddings and portrait sessions?

Yes, you can write to us with details and we can send you the relevant commercial portfolio. We've worked in categories like food, product, real estate, interiors. We are always happy to collaborate on diverse projects.

What is your pricing?

No two weddings are alike, and the cost of your wedding photography and films depends entirely on the scope of work. Customised packages are available on request, for which we need to know more about your story, your vision for your wedding & the list, flow and guest size of the wedding celebrations.